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Create a virtual clinic for Dental care

Improving dentistry with transformative and innovative technology. Integrate with CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY through and API or White label.

API Integration

CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY can integrate with any service interested in offering telehealth solutions to create customizable orthodontic teledentistry platform, including dental software companies, dental offices, and teeth aligner companies.

Our app was built a team of dental professionals, thoughtfully constructed around dentists, to provide a dental care solution with any platform.

The app includes the following features:

  • PHIPA, PIPEDA & HIPAA Compliant
  • Ability to connect with your current patients (at no costs to them)
  • 3D model of teeth displayed during video call where the patient can manipulate/select the area of concern
  • Write prescriptions within the app
  • Direct message with the patient
  • Ability to screenshot intraoral pictures and add to the patient’s chart
  • Accept scheduled appointment requests for non-emergent matters
  • Take clinical notes while video streaming with your patient
  • Turn on your patient’s flashlight for a better look at the oral cavity


White labelling offers control over design and functionality to create a platform that is customizable to your brand. CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY is a white-label platform that transforms the patient experience by connecting Dentists to patients through a virtual clinic for dental care. This option is for you, if you wish to customize our platform to your brand.

Getting Started with CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY is easy

Schedule a demo

Working with CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY is simple. Book a demo and we will discuss everything you need to know about working with us.


Choose suitable services

The demo will help you to choose which option is best for you. We offer flexible API integration and white-label services that will allow for easy customization of our platform to fit your brand.



Once the verification process is completed, you’re ready to be activated on the CONNECT2D platform.



Start your virtual practice with CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY. Dentists can provide emergency care and schedule appointments with their current patients. Our platform allows for patient charts to be saved and reviewed, documentation of clinical notes and provide prescriptions when needed.