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What can a Virtual Dentist do for me?

A Virtual Dentist can assess your Oral Health and create a treatment plan for you. The Dentist can prescribe medications and schedule follow-up appointments if treatment is needed.

What is the difference between an Emergency Appointment and a Scheduled Appointment?

With an Emergency Appointment, a Dentist will contact you within minutes. If you prefer a Scheduled Appointment, you can select a Dentist and communicate with them directly to schedule an appointment time.

Why should I book a virtual appointment if I can call a dentist nearby?

A virtual appointment will cost you a fraction of the price of an emergency exam at a Dental office. It can be scheduled within minutes to diagnose your Oral Health problem from the comfort of your own home.

What is the cost? Can I submit it to insurance?

A consultation with a Dentist is  FREE. We will provide you with a receipt so that you can follow up with your insurance.

I have a Family Dentist. Can I do virtual calls with him/her?

Absolutely! Download the app and search for your Family Dentist. You can schedule follow-up appointments and/or consultation.

Dentist FAQ

Is the platform secure?

Privacy and Security is our top priority! We were diligent when choosing a cloud storage solution for sensitive information to ensure that all aspects of privacy and security were considered.

Can I review my patient's chart in the future?

Yes. Your patient’s charts will be available on the app. As per the standard, we store a patient’s sensitive information for 10 years. If the patient is under 18 years old, we store the chart for 10 years after their 18 birthday.

I'm interested in responding to Emergency Dental Requests, but not always available. How do I manage this?

It’s simple! You can choose when you want to appear online, and when you want to be offline. Emergency patients can only request help from online Dentists, but the patients who would like to schedule non-emergency appointments can schedule in advance with you.

If I want to reach out to my current patients, how can I do this? Will it cost them money?

We are here to help you to support your current patient base. Every Dentist that signs up with us is given a promotional code that they can provide to their patients. This code will provide them with free TELEDENTISTRY calls with you!

Can I prescribe medications through the App?

Absolutely! Enter the fields in the prescription tab and send the electronic prescription to your patient’s dashboard.

Will the patient's medical history, current medications, and allergies be available to me prior to writing a prescription?

Patients are required to fill out this information when they sign up for the application. This is to ensure that writing prescriptions is simple.

You have the ability to confirm your patient’s medical history and dental history before prescribing medication, to ensure no contraindications exist.

If the patient requires multiple prescriptions, can I prescribe them through one Teledentistry call?

Yes! After you add one medication, click “Add Drug” in the top right corner. This will enable you to add multiple prescriptions for your patients.

Will a copy of the prescription be saved in my patient's chart?

Of course! We ensure that all documentation is saved on our PHIPA, PIPEDA, and HIPAA compliant cloud.

Prescriptions FAQ

I have severe pain. Can I get a prescription through a Teledentistry call?

Yes! If the Dentist determines that you’re required a prescription, it can be easily prescribed through the App.

Do I have to pay for the prescription?

There are no extra charges for prescriptions through the platform. If you normally pay a dispensing fee at your Pharmacy, you may still have to pay that same fee.

Where can I find my prescription after the call?

After the call, the Dentist will write your prescription, which will automatically be sent to the prescription tab on the App.

The prescription tab can be found on the Dashboard on Menu Bar. Simply print this prescription, and take it to your pharmacy.