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How The Platform Works

Download the app

Download the CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY app and register as a Dentist or Health Care Provider. Fill out the profile and complete the registration.


View your appointments

To view appointments requested by new or current patients, open the app and view your Emergency requests for immediate help, or prescheduled appointments. A list of available patient requests with their chart will be listed.


View patient’s chart in advance

CONNECT2D allows the Health Care Providers to view their patient’s chart in preparation for the appointment. The chart describes the affected area with symptoms to help the Dentists for a better virtual assessment.


Accept or reschedule the appointments

With CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY app, Dentists or Health Care Providers can accept or reschedule the requested appointments within the app.


Start your virtual consultation

After reviewing the patient’s chart, click on the call button or direct message to the patient to start your virtual consultation.


Personalized treatment plan

After the virtual assessment, Dentists or Health Care Providers can provide a personalized treatment plan and prescriptions through the app. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled through video calls or in-office assessments.


Discover a custom branded solution to grow your practice

API Integration

CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY can integrate with any service interested in offering dental solutions to create a customizable Orthodontic Teledentistry platform, including dental software companies, dental offices, and teeth aligner companies.

White Labeling Solution

White labeling offers control over design and functionality to create a platform that is customizable to your brand. CONNECT2D TELEDENTISTRY’s white-label solution transform the patient experience by connecting Dentists to patients through a virtual clinic for dental care.

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