Meet Our Team

Executive Team

Our executives are a team of dental professionals passionate about transforming dentistry with innovative technology to increase the accessibility of dental care.

Calvin Doan

President & Co-Founder

As a serial entrepreneur, Calvin holds 15 years of experience in Finance and Business. He has extensive and comprehensive experience in leading tech start-ups.

Emily Le

Co-Founder & COO

Emily is a skilled Registered Dental Hygienist with over 11 years of experience. She is well versed in dental business processes, workflows, and operations. Emily brings a wealth of practical experience, which translates well in leveraging innovative and creative technological solutions. She’s passionate about providing effective solutions for dentistry and transforming patient experiences through the use of technology.

Kenny Doan

Co-Founder & CFO

Kenny as a CFO/head of finance, brings a wealth of financial and strategic experience to the table. He has a substantial background as an Entrepreneur and holds extensive experience with Business and Financial Management, Operations and Human Resources.

Theepan Kaja

Chief Technology Officer

Theepan has been scaling and building start-ups as well as growth teams for over 10 years. He holds Development and Executive experience and is passionate about solving technical business problems. In the past, he built innovative platforms, where he managed several teams of developers with both start-ups and scaled growth stages.

Devika Sharma

General Manager

Devika has experience in Finance and Business management. She has extensive experience in general operations, as well as a thorough understanding of strategic planning and improving operational efficiency and performance. She provides profound knowledge of human resource management for the company’s future recruitments, and helps in the collective effort towards success.

Stefy Rozario

HR Manager

Stefy has immense knowledge in handling various departments in Human Resources, which includes employee grievance handling, recruitment, and selection, performance evaluation, and maintaining health and safety protocols. She holds people management skills and helps the organization to attain positive work culture through planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and HR policies, procedures, and practices.

Jagjeetsing Chavan

Product Manager

Jagjeet has extensive experience with products and business analysis with a focus on the IT and technical aspects of Blockchain, Teledentistry, Real Estate, Education, Oil as well as the Beverage Industry.
Prior to Connect2D, he assisted in multiple successful project rollouts for customers in/of the APAC. With his ability to speak the language of both; people and technology, he is one of our passionate product managers.

Development Team

Our in-house development team is driven to improve the overall patient experience by creating a user-friendly platform with dentist-specific features.

Waqas Ghouri

Full Stack Developer

Siroson Sivaraja

iOS Developer

Liwen Qiao

iOS Developer

Vishnu Raj

React Developer

Jennica Zhang

UI/UX Designer

Kriss Patel

UI/UX Designer

Ravi Kumar

DevOps Engineer

Zarko Valtchev

Data Scientist


Our Mission

We’re on a mission to reduce the spread of COVID-19, reduce the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and maintain resouces for true dental emergencies.

Our core value is to promote social distancing practices in order to help our community #flattenthecurve.

We give Dentists the ability to maintain current Patient base, and Patients the ability to address dental emergencies.

Don’t waste time in an emergency department for oral pain. Speak with a dentist instantly from the comfort of your own home. Recieve a dental consulation whenever, wherever!

Understand your Oral Health with the

What can be addressed through Teledentistry?

The Dentist can determine the following from the Virtual Oral Health Exam:

  • Cavity assessment
  • Consult on oral sores, lesions, swelling and/or infections, prescribing meds when indicated
  • Advice on broken, sensitive, or misaligned teeth
  • Prescribe necessary medications to alleviate pain
  • Help evaluate dental goals and discuss questions about a proposed treatment plan
  • Conduct follow-up consultation after dental work has been performed
Virtual Consultation

Simplify your Dental Exams during COVID-19.


Recieve personalized treatment plans and prescriptions.

Emergency Appointments
and Pre-Scheduling

Book an appointment, whenever, wherever.

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