How The Platform Works

Select your appointment type

Open the app. Select Emergency for immediate help, or Schedule an Appointment in advance. A list of available Dentists nearby will be listed.

Choose your Preferred Dentist

Select a Dentist and review their profile. Describe your affected area with symptoms to help the Dentist for a better virtual assessment.

Virtual Consultation with a Dentist

The Dentist will review and accept your request for a virtual consultation. The Dentist will then initiate the video call within 10 minutes.

Personalized treatment plan

After the virtual assessment, the Dentists can provide a personalized treatment plan and prescriptions through the app. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled through video call or in-office assessment.


Our Mission

We are passionate about providing a secure, convenient, and innovative platform for our community. We connect you with a nearby Dentist for consultations, emergencies, prescriptions, and more, all from the comfort of your home.

Our mission is to increase the accessibility and affordability of quality Dental Care by connecting you to Canadian Dentists through video call — so that you can receive help quicker, and feel better faster.

Treatment Planning

Assess cavities, sores, lesions, or infections.

Professional Advice

Receive advice on broken, sensitive, or misaligned teeth.

Dental Goals

Help evaluate dental goals and discuss questions about a proposed treatment plan.


Consult with a Registered Teledentist.


Get prescribed medications to alleviate pain.


Conduct follow-up consultation after dental work has been performed.